Welcome Home

     We have enjoyed a lot of travelling lately, but it was nice to finally drive down the driveway to settle into our home routine again with no trips planned the rest of the year. We opened the van doors but had to quickly shut them again as we all tried to catch our breath. Apparently our cats and dogs had cornered a skunk on our porch, and when we drove up it sprayed the dog and our van.

     The next morning we found this surprise:

     Weren't those flowers a nice treat after that stink? My friend Merit shared this recipe which helped the smell fade a bit:
Skunked Dog Wash

1 qt. peroxide
1/4 c. baking soda
1 Tsp of Dishwashing Detergent- such as Dawn or Palmolive etc.
It is a good idea to keep it away from the eye area, but if you need to do their head, put  some petrolium jelly around their eyes just to be sure none of it gets in.

You may have to repeat this several times if the animal was sprayed at close range!

I mixed this up and poured it (the sprayer wouldn't work) on the wood porch which seemed to absorb most of the stink. I was unsure what the concoction would do to paint, so the outside of the van still has a little lingering unpleasantness. The dog is fine. Mitch said the dog actually may have kept one of us from being sprayed!



  1. I have never heard of that recipe before....just the ones with tomato juice. Although I don't seem to see (or smell) as many skunks here in Georgia as I did in Minnesota, it will be a good one to keep in mind. And nothing against your dog...but better him than you! (Stopping by from the TOS crew.)

  2. Not that it is funny...but I had a dream last night about a skunk lol.
    Thanks to Merit (and you!) for the stink spray :)

  3. What a surprise! We will be home from our trip in a couple hours and I am hoping all is in it's place when we get there. We have to pick up our dog from a friend so I'm sure I'll be giving her a bath.

  4. Oh my! That is some adventure you had. lol I hope that I never need to make that concoction.

  5. What a surprise! You will be talking about that homecoming for years. I hope the smell goes away quickly.

  6. Glad it is helping- Love the pics! Hope you never need the recipe again :)

  7. Kayla, I had only heard of tomato juice before, too.

    Blossom, sounds like a stinky dream. We got a book about a skunk that is being contemplated a bit differently since we experienced it first hand.

    Thanks again, Merit

  8. sorry about the skunk experience! at least you were able to get the smell out effectively - I've never heard of that recipe before.


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