Homeschool Crew Review: Say Anything

     Say Anything is another fun game from Northstar Games for the entire family. You may remember my review last year of Wits and Wagers. More crew members received that game this year, too, and you can read their reviews here.

     The game Say Anything Family is a great family communication starter and a help for learning each others likes. (And if you know each other very well you might be the winner.)

     It is also good for fine motor development. Though the meeples are represented by disks in this game instead of the wooden toys we were familiar with before, they are a good size for facilitating a precise grasp.

     Handwriting is required, though you could have younger children draw their answers instead of writing them. Each player has their own 3x5 dry erase boards and markers which they erase and re-use each round. Though the box states ages 8 and up, my 7 year old enjoyed playing with us and was able to independently participate.

      To play, the judge rotates each turn and sits out from writing an answer. One player chooses one of three questions on their card and reads it to the family. Our first question was "What would make a long car trip more fun?" Everyone writes their answer and then chooses what the judge would pick. Points are awarded, repeat. We all laughed a lot about the Select-o-matic 6000 spinner dial that the judge turned. Again, fine motor skills at work with that task.

     Say Anything Family Edition by NorthStar Games is  available for $19.99.

     Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS homeschool review crew I was given the game Say Anything Family Edition (available for $19.99) by NorthStar Games for the purpose of this review.


  1. Love your OT take on this game! Those were all great points. We really enjoyed playing -- and our play happened on an ottoman most nights. But I like that crate in your picture.

  2. That crate is because every table top in the house was covered with books, school supplies, you get the picture. I'm sorting through crates of fall clothes now, though it isn't quite time to pack all of the summer clothes away, so more clutter.


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