unexpected surprises

     We got an earlier start Saturday morning so we could go to the Mitchell Corn Palace before continuing our drive. Funny thing about expectations, Mitch said he expected more than was there, like a corn maze, too. I expected less; I just thought we would view the decorations on the outside of the building. Inside the walls were lined with pictures of the building through the years. In the actual auditorium area, there were additional corn murals. One display showed 12 different colors of corn used in the murals. Each ear is cut in half lengthwise and nailed to the building. Milo and other grains are also used for more color. Before 11:00 we were on the road, on our way to Wall drug store.
     By 12:45 we were back in the car after an unplanned stop. The rest area off I 90 near the Missouri river included a free museum and a wealth of information about the Louis and Clark Exposition. The scale model tent which 4-5 men may have slept in was small even compared to my 7 year old son. The tipi made with hides looked so much warmer than that skimpy little tent.
    We stopped in at the 1880’s Town to see if we should come back to it, and we decided to stay. We toured the historic buildings as well as props and memorabilia from the movie Dances With Wolves which was filmed nearby. We all 5 played along by dressing in period clothing, two gun slingers and three ladies. Emily enjoyed the costume, but it truly made her day when she found two cats in the barn. She toted the black one around until we left. I imagine she would be happy in any time period as long as she had a pet or two. Heather found some thread on wooden spools in the old mercantile and I discovered an old book about explorers. It didn’t have anything about Louis and Clark, but did cover from Columbus to George Washington and will blend nicely with our CC history covered already this year.

     We drove on to Rapid City, past the Badlands and into the Black Hills. When Joseph got his first real glimpse of the Badlands, he shouted out "Radiator Springs." 



  1. I think your family is doing the same road trip my family did several years ago:) I couldn't get my husband to stop at the corn museum but he did drive around it:) Loved the bad lands we saw a pig dig (fossils) there. Loved the black hills, I lost sunglasses there so if you find them let me know:)!!

  2. Did you blog about it? I'll have to look at your archives.
    We plan to spend a few days in the badlands and black hills, and I want to watch the sunset in both.
    I'll have to remember to leave my favorite sunglasses in the van and keep an eye out for yours ;)

  3. Love the tipi and tent. Reading about your trip has been fun. :)


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