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    Fourteen fast years ago, my baby shower cake said Happy Labor Day, a funny spin on words that proved to be nearly true. Now my oldest child gets a long weekend with the family each year as we celebrate her birth. She reminded me of her observation a few years ago that she gets something else, too. "I know what I'm going to get for my birthday." Oh, you do? I questioned. "Yes, I get the same thing every year." Hum. I wondered as she smiled, then she declared "a hurricane!" Earlier this week, after hurricane Irene passed, she shared that she might not get a hurricane this year. I joked that Irene was an early present. She did, though. Lee was brewing in the Gulf and so far has carried more rain to us across the weekend than we have seen in months.  Instead of the day we planned yesterday out shopping with my Mom, we had a relaxing day together at home with girly movies, computer games, more sewing, and my husband cooking.

     I remember holding her, feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities as a parent. That part hasn't changed  too much- that overwhelmed feeling. There was also another overwhelming emotion of love. This tiny little baby girl captured my heart in a way different from anything I had experienced before.

     While deep cleaning this week, I found a coupon book she created for me over five years ago (I think the same year this picture was taken.) helpful girl One coupon was to help with her then baby brother. She also helped me teach Bible study at VBS this summer at our church.

 We share a love of tea parties, often!

     She likes all things crafty and is a talented chef, not afraid to try new things. creative girl

The violin is her favorite instrument, musical girl

big dreamer, she wants to be an astronaut
adventurous girl

Daddy's girl

     Her favorite color is purple; her sister helped pipe the purple icing on her cake.

     My girl, happy birthday.



  1. Wow - it's amazing to look at how they grow up, isn't it? My oldest is going to be turning 13 this year and I just look at her and think "where has the time gone" and "I still want so much more time with them as kids." It's definitely a process - thank you for sharing about how your sweet girl is growing into a beautiful young lady!

    I'm a new follower (from Twitter)

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  2. What a beautiful young lady you've got there! What a blessing!

  3. What a wonderful way to honor your daughter's birthday!

    I may steal your idea for my Emily's birthday.

    She's fourteen too!


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