An Education at Mount Rushmore

     One thing that has amazed me about this trip is how educational it has been for all of us. There is a wealth of information shared at each of the national parks we have visited so far, and with the kids participating in the Jr. Ranger programs they have been seeking out answers on their own. Click on the resources for teachers and for kids here.
     At the Avenue of Flags, this Ranger, after hearing how far we had traveled, asked the girls “are you playing hooky or are you homeschooled?”
Some of the Jr. Ranger questions directed the kids to find answers about their home state. 

     At Mount Rushmore National Memorial, we took a ranger led tour, and I  highly recommend that if you go you make time for that, too. She shared in depth the history of each of our four presidents featured there, as well as history of the area, the state of South Dakota, and Mount Rushmore itself. As I listened, I also realized that none of my children knew the answers to her questions about President Lincoln, so we will be especially focusing on him when our American history studies catch up with his time period this year. She shared that the Ponderosa Pine trees appear black from afar which led to the name "Black Hills." Mitch reminded me that our ceilings at home are made of Ponderosa Pine. Emily was the first to sniff and see if they really smelled like butterscotch. They did!

     One of the exhibits there included tools used and history of the sculpture.
     When the kids received their Jr. Ranger badges, Joseph learned that we had one president who had red hair. Do you know who he was?
     We went back for the night light show and tribute to veterans.



  1. Didn't Thomas Jefferson have red hair? Great visit we were there when my kids were very small and I plan on going back as I loved the Black Hills. I think the Jr ranger programs are fantastic and always have my kids do them when we are out in a National park. So glad your road trip is going well. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop

  2. Yes, it was Thomas Jefferson. I agree; the Jr ranger programs are a great way to engage the kids.

  3. What an incredible field trip! Thanks for the great pictures.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful visit. I had was involved in the Jr. Ranger program when I was young and loved it. I'm sure your children will have fond memories of Mt. Rushmore all their lives.

  5. I loved taking my family to Mount Rushmore. It's a great field trip for the study of presidents, for sure!

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!

  7. I'm glad you were able to do so many fun things. this looks like a great day!

  8. It was a great day. This vacation has exceeded my expectations.

  9. Great trip! I can't wait until we get out that way. :)


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