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     Last week, we drove to Wind Cave, the long way. There were no signs for the national park the way we drove to it until we actually entered it, then no signs for the cave. We drove through it and saw turkeys, deer, bison, prairie dogs, an antelope, and an elk! We ended up at the entrance to Custer National Park and got directions to Wind Cave, about 25 minutes away. It was 3:05 and the last tour was at 3:30, but we made it! I ran inside and bought tickets while Mitch parked the car, then we all rushed ahead to join the group right before they saw the entrance to the cave.


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  1. HEY that's they area I grew up in! I even have a SD post in my blog. (although I need to write a part 2)My kids have only been to a few of my favorite places and we hope to do an extended vacation to SD next summer.


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