school pics

     For this "not back to school" school pictures blog hop post, I'm highlighting each of my children doing something that they enjoy.

     Joseph enjoys playing games. He loves being outside, but is also happy when anyone makes time to play with him. Lately, chess has been his most requested game, and he recently taught one of his friends how to play.

Here Emily is holding one of her favorite Mamma cats- Sally.

This spring, the girls got to join our state homeschool group's string orchestra. Heather has now been playing the violin for more than half of her life. 



  1. We are homeschoolers as well! Great pictures!

  2. My daughter loves to play chess too:) Great pics of your children

  3. How nice that you have an orchestra! My youngest is in a homeschool concert band. She plays the clarinet. Enjoyed your pictures!

  4. my Adventurer friend, maybe one day we can visit IRL while our kiddos play!

    Karen, this was the first year for it. The orchestra had 9 students, and the band had 33. I hope it continues to grow.

  5. Beautiful family & photos... have a wonderful year of learning!

  6. great post .. great hobbies .. thanks for sharing ..


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