Georgia on my mind

     As we will be travelling to Atlanta next week for the Women of Faith conference, I thought it was applicable to make Georgia the first state we focused on this fall.

     Last year we received a beautiful set of maps to download from Homeschool in the Woods, and we are using these with our geography lessons.

     While researching, I learned that Georgia produces nearly 40 percent of our nation's peanut supply. It is also called the peach state. We all shared a delicious peach to have a little taste of Georgia.

      The brown thrasher, Georgia's state bird, resembles the bird that nested in our arbor this spring.

     You may be interested in this state unit study about Georgia as well as a word search. I'm sharing about each of the 50 United States. Let me know if you would like to share a guest post about your state.


  1. I'd love to share a guest post about our state- we are from Florida- (so wish i could go to the conference in atlanta- but we JUST got back from there for the Southeast Homeschool Expo)
    I could also do a post about Kentucky- we lived there for a year and did a great project about Lewis and Clark with skulpey clay!

  2. Kelli, yes that would be wonderful, thanks!

  3. I love trellises! So elegant and gorgeous!


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