Women of Faith 2011

     I just found an e-mail in my spam that I was chosen to be a Women of Faith blogger! Thanks, Booksneeze! I'm excited about this. My daughter will be joining me at the very first Women of Faith Imagine! event in Atlanta. 

     Did you watch the video preview? My nickname in high school was "what if?" because I liked to ask that and explore things deeper. I still like to imagine, and I am ready for this opportunity. 

     When I was expecting my second daughter, over 12 years ago, I went with friends to a Women of Faith conference. I remember loving singing along with 10,000 women, worshiping together. I went once since then, but this will be the first event like this to enjoy with my oldest daughter. Let me know if you will be there, too.



  1. Me too! I'm so excited! I'm going to the Atlanta event, too.

    Debbie L from the Crew

  2. Me too! I am going to the event in San Antonio and coming from Canada! So excited!

  3. Debbie, I hope we can meet up somehow in the crowds.

    Mom after God's own heart- beautiful signature- congrats to you, too!

  4. I went to one years ago in Hartford, CT with my sister and a few ladies from our church. It was a wonderful experience. Have a blessed time with your daughter - so special to go with her, I'm sure <3


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