Almost exactly a year ago, as I was driving to meet a friend for lunch and then going onto our homeschool planning meeting, my car was totaled. Last Friday morning, before leaving the house for work and then our yearly homeschool group planning meeting, my husband prayed for me. More than once that day, I was thankful for those prayers, thankful that he loves me enough to pray, thankful to our God who knows our prayers even before they are spoken. Earlier this month I had another sudden reminder that our time on this earth is limited, and we don't know when it could be our last day. I want to make every moment count.

     We have a houseguest this week. She is half my age, and is reminding me a lot this week of age. Or maybe my birthday is doing that. My Grandad asked about her "She is older than your children, right?" (yes sir) "She acts like she is older" he replied as she ran by with my kids "but she plays like she is younger." She laughed when I shared what he said and then she responded "I hope to be like that when I'm 40!" I'm not 40-yet, but I don't play the same way I did when I was 20. I'm learning to enjoy playing more, though.

    My day started early. I made this then enjoyed it for breakfast under the arbor with my son while the girls slept in. That same sweetie helped me add a top layer of hay on our new lasagna garden style plot. The kids all worked together and decorated these:

     I always enjoy my children's music. Today, it sounded like a gift. We painted fingernails and played a game I got in the mail earlier this week. My parents took us all to a Mexican restaurant where they put a sombrero on my head and sang to me.

     His day ended earlier than mine:


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