the best laid plans....

     Plans change.

     Believing that God is in control and knowing no matter the circumstances big or small that He is all-knowing and able to work all things out for good- that is a gift.

     We all enjoyed planning for a last minute vacation to my parent's camp. We arrived Friday afternoon, unpacked 5 days of groceries, and all settled in quietly as the air kicked on and we cooled off. Then the electricity went out. Did I mention how stiflingly hot it was there when we arrived? So when it became unbearable we all got back into the (air-conditioned!) van and went for a drive. We saw a beautiful sunset over the lake (though I can't share a picture as the camera was at the camp at that time.)

     We enjoyed subs together for a late night supper, then as we drove back to the camp we passed the electric company truck. Yeah! We all slept well.

     The camp was quiet as I woke up early. I enjoy that quiet time in the morning, and then when Joseph woke up (full of energy from the second he got out of bed) we went outside together. He rode his scooter down the hill while I watched from the swing, then we walked down to the pier together. Several hours later the girls woke up. We had a typical morning at the camp including cleaning things up and starting laundry. I actually stopped the washer once it filled so I could add Mitch's clothes when he came inside. He walked in after trimming a tree outside, ready for a shower, but the second he walked through the door the electricity went out. again!

     Though the kids were disappointed (we all were) we packed up. The coolest thing inside was the water in the washing machine that I kept reaching into for clothes to wring out and take home to wash. As we drove out of town at 2:30 the temperature had cooled down to 112 degrees! Maybe that is why there are no Amish communities around us- how in the world did people make it here before electricity was invented? Again, I am very thankful for air conditioning.

     We are home now. Cooled off. Clothes washed. Homemade frozen yogurt made. And enjoying our vastay-cation.


  1. You guys are smart - don't try to stick out a vacation that is miserable, come home and enjoy a staycation!

    Visiting and following from the Crew...


  2. Jennifer, I'm with you, air-conditioning is a life changer. And I grew up as a small child in Brooklyn New York in a red brick apartment – with no air-conditioning and only two fans. We are a little spoiled with our air-conditioning – and I don't care – I have plenty of other things to wreck my mood beside the temperature :-) and a wise choice to come home I think. Thank you for this story – I hearted it. And God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

  3. So evident, again, that God is in control. Only He knew that we needed to be home.


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