Joining up with Multitudes on Monday again, through 1081 and counting...

a little bit more rain (even more precious as I am constantly in prayer now for a cousin who lives just 10 little miles from a huge wildfire in Texas that is still out of control. Please pray with me.)
special visit with family
splashing happy kids (of all ages) in the pool
celebration with my parents
a great night with my girls watching a play and celebrating together
baking together and the wonderful smells of all the freshly baked goodies
more blueberries and the yummy muffins my daughter made
another family weekend
less stress
long term friendships
my husband who is such a great Daddy to our children
my Daddy
my (step) Daddy
a chance to serve and be blessed



  1. praying for fires in texas too.. we had a big one that was so close when i was driving home from work i thought it was my apartment complex on fire, i was like: eeep!

  2. I'm in Texas too and when I was heading home from work one day last week I saw a huge plume and it looked like it was right over where my apt complex is... so I will not mind joining you in prayer for that!

  3. Court, I'm glad you are safe. I hope that fire by you has stopped.

  4. Stopping by your beautiful blog and following from the Crew. www.homeschoolblogger.com/ohiosarah

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