one fine day

     We have had so much going on lately, my blogging and keeping up with memes has lagged a bit. We spent the weekend camping with no TV or computers, and it was a nice break. My husband's parents ended their extended visit with the camping trip.

     Today felt like a beautiful example of how I hope our summer days are to be. I woke up about an hour before my alarm clock went off (to me a sign of a good night's sleep) and my girls agreed to get out of bed and pick blueberries with me. We enjoyed a nice walk to the blueberry bushes that look like trees.
     This was our third time to pick this year and we got about 2 gallons today, of course my middle child ate as many as made it into her bucket. (Ice cream buckets work great for berry picking.) On the walk home we watched a wild brown bunny in the yard then went over to the arbor for a closer look at these flowers:

     Mitch was home while I went to work early, and then when I returned home our clean up began. We turned the names on the chore chart and the kids continued their assigned chores while I began to tackle the sheets and piles of laundry from our camping weekend.

     That same blueberry lovin' almost birthday girl is my bread maker, and I helped her get started with that. She ground the wheat, then while the yeast developed we all enjoyed another hastily planned tea party under the arbor. We peeked at our baby birds in the nest in the fern hanging on the front porch. We forgot to get a picture and hope they all flew off and were not eaten by the cats later in the day. (They were gone hours later when my oldest daughter went back out there with her camera.)
This was the baby birds a few weeks ago.

     We were blessed with two big bags of apples from my Powpow and I helped the girls make applesauce and apple crisp. Our afternoon treat of homemade bread with local honey, freshly made chunky applesauce, and blueberries:

     Tonight we turned on the TV to finish viewing the Royal Wedding that we recorded over a month ago. Reading over this post I see that I didn't mention my son at all. I'll devote a whole post for him to make up for it. :)


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