TOS Review: Pearson Social Studies

     Pearson Education shared their First Grade Social Studies book for this review. My first grade son enjoyed looking through the colorful hardback textbook. His favorite part was the sequencing task about a lemonade stand, which he has wanted to do.

    The information included was shared in large print, with new vocabulary words highlighted. These were all included in the picture glossary at the end of the text. The book begins with a "history" section which highlights a few key features of 7 states and 3 national symbols.
     The section on research and geography skills shares regions of the earth and other features with colorful pictures. The "map handbook" includes several pages of activities designed to teach children map skills.Map skills are also continued in lessons throughout the book.
     Each of the units is divided into several lessons and includes map skills as mentioned above, thinking skills, history stories, vocabulary, and questions to help them recall the information covered.

My view:
     We did not have the teacher's guide, but I did find a "quick planning guide" for chapter 4 on their website. The information on the link also incorporated additional resources from Pearson, so we improvised a bit. I read through  the student book before sharing it with my son. Some of the activities such as charting which activities you might do in different weather were a bit simple for my 7 year old, so we skipped those. We did however, make up some activities on our own that corresponded with the book. My son enjoyed drawing a map of our house as if looking from above similar to a map of a school pictured in the book.
     I liked the two page spread with flag rules and our United States Pledge of Allegiance written out for him to read instead of just recite. In our house, this book will be used as an extra resource as alone it did not go in depth into many of the topics presented. I will have my son continue to read the picture glossary until he is able to easily read and discuss each of the terms.

     We received this book for the purpose of this review. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.

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