TOS Review: Eagle's Wings

     Considering God's Creation: A creative biblical approach to natural science is an easy to implement complete elementary science program designed for homeschool families. Though it is set up in 36 weekly lessons format, it can be stretched over a longer period or used in sections to complement another program. Multiple resources are cited throughout the teacher's manual, but the lessons can be carried out with typical household items.

     Though designed for 2nd-6th graders, it can be adapted for older and younger students. They even suggest older students can teach the material to younger students- that is how clearly the information is written. I had not heard of this program before this review, but since then learned of two friends who enjoyed using it in the past.

     From the teacher's manual: "Our sincere desire is that this program will captivate children with God's amazing creation and open windows of knowledge for them so that they will hunger to learn more." Twenty-three songs that correspond with the lessons are included as well as a CD of these songs and the lyrics. This program is available at http://www.eagleswingsed.com/ for $29.95.

     The 128 page teacher's manual includes instructions for you to know what to prepare ahead, vocabulary words and definitions for each lesson, and a comprehensive multi-part lesson. Each lesson includes information you can read with or to your children, activities, related Bible readings, and review questions. A "digging deeper" section includes additional learning activities you may choose from other resources. Answers to the crossword puzzles are also included. The 270 page student book is a workbook full of activities to cut, past, and fill in with each lesson.

     Topics covered include creation; the universe: stars, sun, and planets; the earth; non-living things: rocks and minerals; weather; the plant kingdom; the animal kingdom; animal anatomy and physiology; man: made in God's image; and miscellaneous. I am planning to incorporate the 10 week lessons about man with our human anatomy lessons this fall.

     We received this book, song CD, and teacher's guide for the purpose of this review. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here.

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