multitudes of gratitude

Joining up with Multitudes on Monday again, through 1032 and counting...

This memorial day, I am especially thankful for freedom. So much freedom in this country, for that I remember and thank those who gave so much so that we can have this life.
Always, for Jesus, who gave all for us.

a friend's sweet help right when and where I needed her
cookie dough
little hands cutting with scissors
more books completed
getting back on track with a good habit
old friends
another rocket launching afternoon
time for preparations
songs on her new violin
fun decorations
shared good times
my sweet hubby grilling lunch to share



  1. Jennifer, have they told you recently how I covet the fact that you have over 1000 thank you's – jealousy is an ugly thing – pray for me :-)

    And I hearted them all – I always do – my favorite this week is the one that's only one word – meaning. What an immensely deep thing to say with just one word – if I'm getting it right. We need meaning, long for it, work for it, wait for it, look for it. Just one word – it was awesome. It leaves me pondering, and smiling at the same time. I heart that. Thank you, and God bless and keep you and all of yours today.

  2. No coveting allowed here. Get your notebook out and look around. God has given us so much. Thanks for your sweet words.


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