almost to 1000

     Nearing 1000 I know I am going to keep counting. I sat quietly yesterday and counted over 65 blessings silently. I know I am blessed. I am so very thankful for so much in this life. I want to continue, because my focus is more positive when I think of blessings more than problems. And, I hope that someone reading is encouraged. I am thankful to God for this life.

a glimpse of this week's list:

through 988 and continuing…

my little boy making the most important decision of his life- accepting Jesus as his savior

watching him get baptized, surrounded by loving family and friends

kissing that sweet boy the night before his birthday and celebrating the years so far

that heron that keeps coming back to visit; I wonder if it has a nest nearby

Granny's hybridized daylillies, and pollen from them that she shared so that we can have pretty stripes in ours, too.

a last minute tea party that turned into a beautiful visit

variegated gladiolas



  1. Yayyyyyy for your little boy's decision, and following in believer's baptism!! Best one on your list! =)
    Blessings to you as you continue to count,
    Jill @ Sweet Diva

  2. Reading all these gift lists is so encouraging! Thank you for sharing. How wonderful to near 1000! What a precious time for your little boy. Beautiful! :)


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