planting herbs

(a lesson learned at garden club)

     If hearing “Garden Club” makes you think of cotillions and balls, think again. In our small community garden club is all about gardening. I admit, the first time my Mom invited me I didn’t even go. Now it is our multigenerational family girl’s night. Mamma had to convince me that it was just a group of down to earth ladies learning together. The first time I accompanied her I joined the group. Each month ladies rotate who brings a meal and arranges a speaker. I have learned so much. My oldest daughter helped me the first time I was part of the serving group, and she has continued to attend with my Mom and me.

     One of our own members, Mrs. Martha, demonstrated the art of making a fountain of herbs this month. Several group members shared with us how they used herbs from their garden. Last year after a different demonstration we purchased rosemary and basil for the pots on my front porch and used them a few times.

     This year, after a gradual change toward healthier cooking, I was encouraged to try using more herbs. We stopped by the local dollar store on the way home and purchased planters, and then the next time we were in town we purchased a few herbs.

     This is how it looks immediately after planting it. Mrs. Martha assured us it will fill out and brighten up. I’ll share pictures again if it does change a bit. 



  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I would love to know how to make one of those herb pots:) We are gardening too at home. How fun to find a class to do with you daughter and your mother.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I've been thinking about growing some herbs this year too! I am following you now. I can't believe I wasn't already!

    P.S. I'm Nikki from the Crew. :)

  3. Oops. I guess I was in a hurry with this post to not even include the how to. Use 3 lightweight pots as the total end product will be heavy. Fill the largest pot with potting soil, then push the mid-size pot firmly into the center. Plant your herbs that hang down on that outer edge. Repeat, putting the smallest pot, filled with dirt on top. Plant the herbs that grow tall in the middle section. She recommended rosemary in the top. I appreciated learning that even planting another herb beside mint they will each keep their own scents and tastes. It is fun. the girls helped my Mom plant one for her yard this evening.

    Nikki, thanks for visiting and following!

  4. We planted flowers this weekend and ended up separating these pots because they looked dry. The way they were smashed together was holding water in the bottom but not getting it to the plants. I now have herbs mixed in with flowers in several hanging baskets.


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