The Natchez Trace

     We spent the day with friends exploring part of the Natchez Trace. Our first stop was Emerald Mound.
     We had an interesting discussion of theory versus facts there, and then one about following rules as the kids watched two boys riding their surf boards down the side of the hill.

     Our next stop was my favorite part of our day: Mount Locust Plantation and Inn.

     Yes, I wonder if my kids' rooms looked like this instead of a toy store that exploded, how different life would be.

     The children learned about cisterns and chamber pots. I think I prefer toys scattered everywhere to the lack of modern conveniences. 

     We enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends after our tour and short hike. The older kids worked on their Jr. Ranger booklets while the little ones played hide and seek. 

     Junior Rangers!



  1. Jennifer,

    It looks like the girls had a good time especially as Junior Rangers. Is that position accumulative w/earnings or do they have to start over each year? My younger kids received patches, but I didn't know what to do w/them at the time.

    The reference to the toys. Life was so simple then and kids were so easily entertained (and many still are) w/o having a room full of toys. It is nice to look into a room and see order.

  2. About two years ago Heather earned the Jr. Ranger pin and certificate in the Smokies. It seemed more difficult then, we made all of the stops part of our family vacation. They did this one in one day. We asked the Ranger, and he said each National Park has its own Jr. Ranger program. Online there was a next step- Jr. Chief Ranger, but they were unaware of it at the park office.

  3. Jennifer,

    Sorry I have taken an extra week to notify you that you WON the Diana Waring book, but we've had a tough week. Anyhow, YOU WON! so if you'd email me at blessingfarm at cox dot net, I will get your book in the mail on Monday. Yay!

    Thanks for entering my blogoversary giveaway!

    Happy Easter,


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the pics, looks like you have a nice family:)

  5. Just think how clean all our kids rooms would be...(I can only wish)!

    I am a new follower from Mom bloggers Linky! Love for you to stop by and say hi!

    Happy Easter!

  6. I love going these types of places. Seeing how others live and learning to appreciate modern appliances;) My kids always did the junior ranger program when visiting places in the states too. Love that program gets the kids to think and observe and learn:)


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