DNG Review: Expedition Israel

Expedition Israel

     Earlier this year the children began learning how to draw a map of Israel, then studied the tabernacle. Those studies opened up their curiosity about Israel, and in this season of preparation for Easter I was delighted to be able to share more about Israel with them. Our latest Amanda Bennett DNG unit study has been Expedition Israel.

     If you have never been able to actually take a tour of the Holy Land, this study is a beautiful way to virtually view it. It is not only a study of modern day Israel, but also gives a glimpse of how it was in the past.

     One of the many extras included in this study is an introduction to the Hebrew language. Your elementary aged students will enjoy Old Testament Bible stories woven into these lessons in addition to the Life of Jesus. They will learn why it is called the Holy land and many facts about the Dead Sea. Several historical musical instruments are highlighted as well as animals native to the area.

Expedition Israel
     As always with these studies, my children enjoyed the linked videos. Recipes are even linked if you want to try some of the foods of Israel.

 View a sample of this unit study.
    From the website:
"Biblical heroes and history, amazing places, animals, music, games, and foods. This study will ignite a passion for the Holy Land in your children, like no other. The Bible will come alive as they connect the historical Holy Land with the modern day Israel they hear about in the news every day. And they'll learn a little Hebrew along the way!"

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     Disclaimer: A copy of this DNG unit study was provided for my family to use for the purpose of this review.

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     Easter Promise was released this week as well and can be found here: http://unitstudy.com/EasterPromise.html



  1. I've never been to the Holy Land. Sounds like a great way to learn more about it.
    Visiting from UBP11!

  2. i just bought this unit to do but haven't started it yet. Will soon

  3. Thank you, Thank you, thank you, this is something I was looking for...I can't wait to start this next school year, I will share how it goes...love your blog!

  4. ha, never mind, I'm starting this, this coming Easter...


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