Convention Highlights

     We were blessed to be able to return to our Louisiana CHEF homeschool convention again this year. We are not members of CHEF (though lead in our out of state group) so we missed out on that discount, but I love the values that they stand for. CHEF=Christian Home Educators Fellowship. As a Christian group, they started the general sessions with worship! I loved that aspect of the conference as much as anything else.
     Do you ever stop and think about homeschool laws now compared to 30 years ago? Until this weekend I did not think about it. After hearing Rick and Marilyn Boyer share of their own experiences, I am so very thankful to them and others like them who helped to pave the way for the freedoms that we have today. They shared about the court order stopping them from homeschooling in their early years. I remember hearing of that, but actually seeing them and hearing of their trials made it seem more real. They shared more, though, about their positive experiences. It was truly a blessing to hear what worked from this couple that has successfully homeschooled their own children all the way through high school.
     As a reviewer on the TOS homeschool crew, we have tried out so many things. Even so, I still enjoyed both the used curriculum sale and the vendor hall.  I’ll share a whole post about the gems that we found.
     One of the break-out lectures was given by a Mom who shared resources for teens. Some were specifically local; most were new to me. One of these was affiliated with HSLDA- Generation Joshua. Though interested in politics, this is not at all my area of expertise. I was happy to learn of these online lessons and tests available for older students.
     The highlight of the weekend, though, was watching my girls. They both got to participate in the string ensemble. Extended family and friends joined us for the evening general session.  I am very thankful to their teacher and the guest conductor for taking the time to make that possible. 


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