Rainy Days

     Though April showers may bring May flowers, unpredictable Louisiana weather can bring you showers almost any day. This week has been filled with showers and tornado warnings. Yesterday, referred to as Fat Tuesday throughout La, is a state holiday. Not everything closes down; my husband still worked and the kids still had music lessons. My parents and sister were all off of work, so after music we got to spend the afternoon with them.
     Mamma made a delicious southern lunch including butterbeans and cornbread. The thunder started and I went home to unplug all of our computers. Though they were all safe, I wasn’t fast enough because the modem was struck by lightning. I’ll be online less, so please be patient if your comments are slow to appear.
     Back at my parent’s we shared a quiet afternoon. We mixed of bottles of thieves’ oil with ingredients from our latest co-op order. We made more window stars to share, mini ones this time. Mamma read out loud to us.
     She read Beauty and the Beast- the whole book. Discussions at our house during read alouds are often interesting, but having my Daddy’s comments added extra interest. We watch movies a lot and none of us in the room remembered the story the way Mamma read it. When it came to cannons shooting off instantaneously after the kiss then mention of a unicorn our discussions changed. Do you think that the one horned animal mentioned in the Bible could have been a unicorn or is it purely mythological? We have plans to see a play of Beauty and the Beast later this year; I wonder if it will be more like the movie or the book. 


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