It goes without saying that we are sometimes a bit unconventional in our schooling methods. I recently tested the girls with a pretest from an Easy Grammar book and realized some areas I had not covered. In today’s grammar lesson, the girls revealed that they did not know the proper labels for some parts of punctuation. As Joseph wants to participate with the lessons they do together, I include him when I can and probably end up making the lessons more fun than they would be otherwise.
     An old song came to my mind, and I sang the course to them when one confused parentheses with quotation marks. I looked it up online to share with you, but when I looked up the lyrics it just wasn’t quite what I remembered.
     What do you do to make your lessons more fun?


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    It is very nice to meet you.
    I am stopping by from the UBP and I am a new follower of yours.
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