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     Most of my life I have lived in Louisiana. It is now the place my children call home. I hope you enjoy learning about our one of a kind state.

     Terrain is varied throughout the state. In the far south we have wetlands which include swamps. Louisiana is also home to prairies and forests. Bayous can be found throughout the state.
cypress knees and Spanish moss

     Animals and wildlife vary throughout the state. The Louisiana black bear is less common than the alligator. You may also see deer, wild hogs, or even a rare wolf.

     Before the Civil War, sugar cane, cotton, and tobacco were popular crops on plantations. Today there are few working plantations, but many have been refurbished and have Antebellum home tours. Cotton, rice, corn, sugar cane, and soy beans are popular La crops today. Forestry is the top agriculture industry now. Many farms (including my Grandfather's former dairy farm) have changed to tree farms.
File:Rosedown Plantation, Saint Francisville (West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana).jpg
Rosedown Plantation

     Louisiana is the only state to be divided into parishes instead of counties.

     "Jambalaya, crawfish pie, file' gumbo..." That traditional song highlights a few of the foods our state is known for. Others include muffletas, red beans and rice, etouffee', and of course beignets are a favorite not to be missed if you visit New Orleans' French Quarter. Louisiana food, like our culture, has strong Spanish and French influences.

     Louisiana music varies from blues, to jazz, to zydeco and more. Former La Governor Jimmie Davis wrote "You Are My Sunshine." Harry Connick Jr. is a current favorite who mixes blues into his style. Click here for a Louisiana unit study, word search, recipes, and more. If you want to know even more, this official Louisiana state website has a lot of information.

      I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of Louisiana. Be sure to let me know if you plan to visit, and I might even treat you to some beignets.

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  1. Well, I have "Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?" going through my head.

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