Book review: Wright in Time Book 1 Arizona

Wright on Time: ARIZONA, Book 1

     What a fun book series for young readers. I have shared with friends and blog readers before that the idea of doing just what this fictional family is doing appeals to me. They are viewing each of our 50 states by travelling to them while homeschooling and living in an RV. For us, maybe…one day… Until then, we will continue to enjoy this series. (And maybe keep our children interested in the possibility.)
     The Wright On Time series by Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley begins with a trip to Arizona. Through the Wright family’s experiences you are exposed to attractions, terrain, animals, and more found in each state. A map is shared that includes facts and features about the state, too. A large part of the Arizona book’s setting is a cave. The children learn as they read about mining for gemstones.
     These chapter books are filled with attention grabbing illustrations. There is also a helpful glossary included. The very day we received a package with a set of three of these books my 11 year old started and finished the first one. She smiled while sharing with me about the adventures of 11 year old Nadia and her 7 year old brother Aidan.
     “They moved into an RV and are going to travel to all 50 states. This time they went to Arizona. They found a cave filled with bats and something weird and black. (I edited what Emily shared; I can’t give away the whole story!) When they returned to their RV the girl talked to their turtle Prince Pumpkin III. She told him about all the things they did while she fed him peas.” Her favorite parts included the pet turtle.
     Read about the whole series at their website: http://www.wrightontimebooks.com/. They even have character biographies, games, and a section for RV families. 
    from the website:
About the Author
Lisa M. Cottrell-BentleyLisa M. Cottrell-Bentley has been writing since she was a child, winning her first writing contest at age 9. Lisa and her daughters spent many hours searching for children’s books about homeschoolers, but found very few. So, they decided to create their own. As they discussed their dream storylines, the Wright on Time series took shape. Beginning in their native southwest, the Wright family intends to take readers on a fun road trip that explores the entire USA!

     Disclaimer: The author shared an autographed (sweet surprise) copy of this book with me for the purpose of this review. 



  1. Hi Jennifer
    We have the first two books of this series and I really like them. My six year old is reading them and I am so impressed so far. The vocabulary hasn't been dumb down which means great reading and learning is going on during reading time:)

  2. Yeah, that would be awesome to travel like that. I would love an RV

  3. What a great idea for a series! I love that they area homeschooling family.

  4. The author and her fictional characters are living out one of my dreams.

  5. What a neat idea for a children's series. I'm going to have to check those books out. I like that it is about homeschoolers too. :)

  6. These books sound REALLY NEAT - I'm going to hop over to their site now and check them out more! Blessings!


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