TOS Review: Roman Town

     Dig-It Games Roman Town was my children's first archeological adventure. The opening screen shows all of the areas of the game available to explore. As you "uncover" treasures (complete levels) more rooms open up with additional activities. 

     In this "game" you place workers to excavate at the dig site, and learn about each item as it is uncovered. 

 Below is a picture of the report you complete about what you have learned before moving to the next level. 

     After looking at the room pictured below, artifacts are removed and you attempt to replace them in the same place. These are artifacts that you have previously uncovered and learned about.

     Matching the Roman items with the modern version was another way to cement the information about each artifact.

     Heather completed the whole program and is interested in the next part, as the question posed during the adventure, why they left in such a hurry was left unanswered. 

We received it  as a download, but it is available to you to purchase as a CD!

Limited time special offer: This coupon code TOS2011 will give you 20% off the 2010 price of $24.95.   The code expires Feb 21, 2011...so price is $19.96 for my readers including coupon. 
The usual price for Roman Town is $39.95

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Disclaimer: My family received a download of this program for the purpose of this review as part of the 2010-2011 TOS Homeschool Review Crew. 


  1. LOVE the photos in your blog header. My kids enjoyed this game, too - only thing I'd like to see changed - or rather added - would be a voice module to read to younger children. There was just so much reading to be done. My 7yo couldn't do it on his own, and my 9yo became tired of reading after a time.

  2. My six year old didn't try it, and the girls are 11 and 13 so I didn't think of that. Thanks for your sweet comments; that was a recent change.

  3. I like your review. Short, sweet and to the point! ;-)....I know all that reading kind of bogged down my 11 yo, and my 8 yo needed either my 17 yo or me read to him.....Still, they enjoyed the games! :-)


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