thankful for so much...

This year I started a written gratitude journal in addition to just recalling and typing. Some I will share each week are also written there.

through 577 and continuing…

a book shared
sickness gone

a lost cat back home
a project completed
warm inside
husband's ability to do household repairs
smell of bread baking
a new song practiced by my son, with help from his sisters
soft voices 
shared laughter
notes in journals



  1. Anonymous2/07/2011

    Great list! It's the simple things we tend to take for granted. When we put them in writing and start listing them, we can't help but be grateful :) Blessings!

  2. I love your header!! Great pictures. :) Did you see my reply to your comment on my blog? The name of the website where we're going to order our milkweed seeds is Butterfly Encounters. The url is simply: www.butterflyencounters.com. I love your list of things you're grateful for, and I'm really impressed with the Bible memorization that you are doing! That's one of the things I've been meaning to get around to and just haven't done it yet. We read our Bibles every day, but I haven't made Bible memorization a priority. Thanks for the "reminder" to get started on it!

  3. Love your list. So happy sickness is gone and a missing cat is back home! There is nothing like the smell of baking bread... mmm.


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