Rocket Science!!!

     When we visited Florida in November we got to see a rocket launch from afar. It looked like a gold shooting star, just up instead of down.

     For Christmas Mitch ordered a rocket for each of our children. In January they painted and decorated them in preparation for launching. Our house is surrounded by trees on all sides, so Mitch's friend with an open field (former air strip) let us launch the rockets there.

     A few minor repairs and some more engines and we will be ready for another launch.

     Last week I found a rocketry class at Supercharged Science. I've been looking for other sources of information while they are still interested as this obviously isn't my area of expertise.

     I'm linking this to Mrs. White's weekly blog carnival The Christian Home: Parenting at A Legacy of Home as it fits in well with making memories and Fatherhood.


  1. That looks like so much fun. My hubby and daughter would have a blast (no pun intended) with that. Very cool!

  2. Heather it was. My role in this whole project was just observation. Mitch loved planning this with the kids and we are all looking forward to repeating the adventure.

  3. My son loves to do this, too. We live in a subdivision, so we head to a nearby park with a large open field to shoot our rockets. If your kids continue enjoy it, there is a national rocketry team competition each year. The name is escaping me at the moment, but perhaps you could find it with Google.

  4. luved this!
    the photos were fantastic to connect with your family & their interests ~ which are interesting to me too! thankyou!!

  5. That looks really cool! I bet my kids would love to launch rockets. I'll have to keep that in mind.


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