P is for peppermints in pocket

     I'm trying a new challenge with pictures. HSBA started the A B See Photo Meme a few months ago, so I'm just going to add a picture when one fits a letter and try to catch up. This first one is a Sunday morning tradition for my son. He likes to take enough peppermints to church to share with everyone in his class.



  1. Are those the soft peppermint puffs perchance? (love alliteration, lol)

  2. You are right. The soft ones are our favorite kind. :)

  3. Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop...those pockets look like my little guy's pockets!

    I read your two other posts from this week...your list reminds me of mine...it is truly the simple things, isn't it!

    My middle..my only daughter wants to be a Marine Biologist....

    We have many similarities! I can not wait to read more....so happy I dropped by and am following you now.


    (hope you'll drop by!)


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