more thankfulness

a glimpse of this week's list:

through 649 and continuing…

late night visits with precious friends
Grandma's chocolate frosting recipe
light sprinkle of rain
beautiful music
4 generations at church together
silly videos
girls hairstyles
boys games and silliness
big kids taking time with my younger ones
living examples, hope
new dishwasher
broken things repaired
more than enough
tires on gravel
paint on dog
clean house



  1. Grandma's recipes are the best! Yay for a new dishwasher! I love the crackle of our tires on the gravel. It's home.

  2. I’m here from Ann’s again today – I know it’s Tuesday – reading lots of lists takes some time :)

    Of your “thank you’s” this week my favorite was: well two actually, paint on dog and
    clean house (because somehow I just think there’s a blog post in there – a funny one :)

    Thank you for this – it all just made me smile – and smiles are important.

    God Bless you and all of yours

  3. I wish there was a photo of the "paint on dog" :D
    thank you for sharing your gratitude and blessings!!

  4. Scroll down two posts for the paint on dog picture. :)


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