how to read out loud

     "Dear Emily, I miss you sometime." Emily read her note from a dear friend's daughter out loud to us. When she paused there, we all laughed. Then Emily corrected us- wait, listen: "Dear Emily, I miss you. Sometime can you visit us again?" The note continued on after that, but with a bit different meaning.

     We have been reading out loud more and more as a family. I read most of the time, but the girls take turns, too. Reading has been beneficial to our vocabulary, and also to their speaking skills. The girls have not started changing their voices to represent the different characters in the books yet, but they are learning when to pause appropriately.

     We just finished The Little White Horse. Tonight we plan to begin L.M. Montgomery's Magic for Marigold. These books don't tie into their schoolwork at all, well except for reading, but we are all learning as we read. Another benefit of this is that the TV remains off a lot more.



  1. It can be a good way to bring the family together, as well. Daddy does our bedtime read-aloud in our house and everyone clambers to get the best seat (in Daddy's lap).

  2. What a great reminder about read-alouds. Our family used to spend a lot of our time sharing stories aloud, but we've fallen out of the habit lately. I'm hoping to do better in the weeks/months to come.

  3. Hahaha, reading aloud is where you really learn that punctuation matters!!! I loved reading of your reading adventures!


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