We have a love/hate relationship with poptarts in our house. My son loves poptarts. I hate what the sugar does to him. This week a dear friend sent me this link to a homemade poptart recipe.

     We baked these with Emily, and Joseph agreed they are better than the ones from the store. He did wonder, though, how we would make a cardboard box for them. (We did not try!) I did agree to his request to add sprinkles to the top of some of them.

     When we made them his first choice was fig, but the homemade fig jelly was hiding. I decide to try to imitate the favorite brown sugar and cinnamon flavor, so Emily mixed together a few tablespoons of cream cheese, sucanat, and cinnamon. In others we tried lemon curd with stevia sprinkled on the top. Both varieties were enjoyed by all of us. It still seems more like a cookie/treat than a breakfast food.

     Joseph shared his enjoyment with my Grandparents and my diabetic Powpow requested blueberry. So, next on our list to try is a sugar free blueberry filling.
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  1. Oh, yummy, Jennifer! Please share the recipe with us! My girls would enjoy trying this, I think!

  2. Oh. my. goodness. I think I licked my screen.

    fellow TOS crew, stopping by on your blog walk forum post.


  3. Mmm. Think we will have to try these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lynn, scroll way up to the top for the recipe link, then tell me how yours turn out- and you too, Kimberly.
    Haha Julie :)
    They are yummy!

  5. Yumm! I'll have to keep these in mind as a treat for my children.

  6. We made these again this week, using the sugar free blueberry jelly my Powpow requested, and they turned out great. For the dough we used a bit less butter and yogurt, and substituted applesauce and milk. They turned out delicious and even healthier!

  7. Oh, I have to try these. I read a poptart recipe a ways back and never got round to trying them. We don't buy the store bought kind, though the kiddos ask for them. These might fulfill my healthiness requirements, though:-)


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