ongoing gratitude

through 502 and continuing…

the hum of the drill as my husband works on our house
wild ducks swimming with our 3 pet ducks on the pond
a blue heron flying beside our van (I still want to capture a picture of one on the pond)
delicious soup from a friend, the smell of garden vegetables reminding me of my Grandmother
a feeling of "all is well" this week, in the midst of a busy life
realizing what is not important and can be changed (starting to realize, anyway)
Mitch killing a monster wild hog
the wonderful smell (and taste) of homemade brownies
plans to spend an evening painting with my Mamma!
Bible story time with all of the kids piled in bed with Mitch and me
a baby in my arms
God's amazing repeated forgiveness of me
bowling with the bumpers down (try it, it can help anyone get a higher score)
children enjoying homemade bread
two new recipes, successful and enjoyed by all of us
a quick return of power and my Grandparent's safety during an electrical outage
things organized enough to immediately locate matches and candles in the dark
cooking with my big girl
the smell of freshly cut wood
getting to the bottom of the mountain of laundry (for now)
my children laughing together (I think I am thankful for laughter every week)
a clean kitchen
a new chore system that seems to be working with fewer reminders
enjoying reading God's Word 
memorizing Scripture with my children very loudly while exercising together
the fun of last minute plans



  1. oh, I am thankful for laughter on regular basis too! does the body good. wonderful list..

  2. I love successful new recipes! And a clean kitchen on the same list- impressive! :-)

  3. Anonymous1/24/2011

    ooo pet ducks! how fun :)

    love your thankfuls!

  4. killing a wild hog?! Wow, yeah, I'd call that a monster, too.

  5. Thanks for swinging by my blog! Love yours!!

  6. How neat - a blue heron flying down beside your van!
    Wonderful listing of gratitude.
    And, bumpers down while bowling is a
    blessing :-)

  7. Ali, after helping my daughter with cinnamon rolls this morning followed by numerous science experiments today, the kitchen is no longer clean, but the messes are worth it after all of the smiles. :)

  8. Vicki, I call them pet ducks because we raised them, but when we get near they usually cross to the opposite side of the pond except to come for their food. It is enjoyable to watch them, and when the wild ones swim with them it is like a gift.

  9. Robin, Thanks for your sweet words.

    Dorie, Maybe because they are so rare to see the blue heron is one of my favorite birds. I usually see them when I don't have a camera, but do want to get a good picture. Last Monday I was driving down a curvy country road and turned my head to see what the movement was beside me. My daughter turned to see what I was looking at. It was so long and flying over the ditch beside us for a little distance. Usually when we see them fly, they are just flying away. It was amazing to see.

  10. Kimberly, it was the ugliest thing and approximately 400 lbs. The tusks were about 5 inches long. My daughter and husband were walking home from the deer stand and saw 6 or 7 hogs and he killed the largest one. It still gives me chills to think of Emily in danger like that but God used her Daddy to protect her. Big thanks!


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