On the twelfth day of Christmas...

... my true love gave to me...
the night off of cooking and anticipation of a delicious supper.

      The deli sent it home cold so we could put it in the oven instead of eating it mushy. 
     Have you ever had a muffuletta sandwich? It is a Louisiana classic, but my first taste was when, homesick, I ventured into a "New Orleans style" cafe in Houston about 17 years ago. I went back many many times during my internship there. Olive salad lends to it's distinctive flavor. 


     If you aren't from Louisiana and this is new to you, make it a point to try one if you ever visit. It is as significant a taste experience as beignets in the French Quarter. 

     I introduced my oldest daughter to this scrumptious favorite about a year ago when the rest of the family was enjoying a monster truck show. Of course it was a hit. Well, earlier this week when she couldn't fall asleep she told her Daddy that she was dreaming of eating a muffuletta. So he listened, and tonight we all enjoyed one for supper.

     After all that goodness, he said he was planning to cook spaghetti tomorrow night!

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