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In my life this week...

This week has flown by. I felt like we were getting behind and cancelled music lessons Tuesday to give us another whole day home for school.  I loved having a special evening with my Mom.

In our homeschool this week...

We are doing more “read-alouds” and everyone is enjoying it. This week we did a lot of science experiments (catching up!)  

Places we're going & people we're seeing... 

We did stray from our typical schedule Thursday for the girls’ monthly Keepers at Home meeting. A sweet Mom shared about sewing including a few tips that were new to us. She also guided them through the process of making a pin cushion. Did you know that the little strawberry connected to a tomato shaped pin cushion is for sharpening needles? If I was ever taught that I had forgotten.

My favorite thing this week was...

Without a doubt my favorite thing was cleaning out the dead plants and planting bulbs with the children around the arbor.  

What's working/not working for us... 

Days at home are working. Some do seem to fly by, but when we are home all day we seem to get so much more accomplished. As for what is not working, I’ve begun to believe we will never “catch up” with all I want to do.

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...

Here I will share a very applicable quote: Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk while it's snowing. -Phyllis Diller

A photo to share...



  1. Is it really time to start gardening?....I just don't know about gardening down here in the south. Montana, we couldn't put in our garden till around Mother's Day! ;-)

  2. Wendy, I don't have a green thumb, but I did ask and was told daffodils would be the first thing to come up and now was the time to plant bulbs here (Louisiana.) Some of the other bulbs we planted will take a lot longer to grow, but I hope these hurry. It was about 70 degrees here yesterday when we worked in the yard. I am ready for some cheerful color in the yard.

  3. We got behind on read-alouds last week because the reader {me} was hoarse all week! My kiddos love read-alouds :)

  4. Anonymous1/31/2011

    Oh my goodness...I love that quote!!! I'm so glad that I stopped by your blog. Maybe we should add that as one of the prompts for the Homeschool Mother's Journal.

    Blessings to you,
    Sue :)

  5. Wendi, I hope you are feeling better and able to resume your reading.

    Thanks Sue, I'm glad you stopped by, too!

  6. Hi Jennifer-I enjoyed reading your post! Love the quote-it is so true. :) Staying home more works well for us, too. I'm so jealous that you can work in your garden already! We're buried in snow & will be for a couple more months! :) Holly

  7. Holly, The weather here changes so much. We had a brief few days of wonderful warmth. Today sleeting rain has started with more to come (but no snow.) I hope the cold seasons the bulbs just right to pop up after that last freeze.


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