habit for life

     Daily Bible reading is becoming a habit. A week and a half into reading the Bible in 90 days and I love reading my Bible more than ever. My daughter doesn't complain when I wake her early in the morning to come snuggle beside me as we both read. I want this commitment to turn into a life long habit.

     In our Bible study today we learned about the tabernacle. I read aloud to my children while they punched out pieces for the tabernacle model that we found for this lesson.

     One of the items inside the outer wall was called the laver. The priests washed their hands and feet there after preparing sacrifices. It was pointed out in two resources that today, for us, the laver is God's Word. We need to be washed in His Word to serve Him. (one reference- Ephesians 5:25-27)



  1. We are getting near to needing to "build" a tabernacle as well. Where did you find this punch out?

    Following from the crew :)

  2. That one was from Library and Ed.

  3. That's a very cool punchout Tabernacle. Glad your reading time is going well.


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