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     "Can we pretend we are Pizza Hut?" I comprehended Joseph's question after I stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. Then realized he could have much more fun with homemade pizzas than just the boxed ones that Heather was preparing to slide into the oven. Fridays are my long days. Mitch was hunting, so with that in mind pizza was an easy plan.

     The bath water was not even half filled, so I turned back to the kitchen. Would you like to make tortilla pizza? I love seeing how little ideas can brighten the kids smiles even more. Joseph was happy to pretend.  I guess he was planning to serve us? I had not asked. But to go one extra step and let him create with his big sis was an even better plan. I had unloaded groceries and left all of the spaghetti supplies on the counter. I add extra ingredients, doctor it up, you might say, to make jar spaghetti sauce homemade. So sauce, check; cheese, check; mini pepperonis in the bottom of the fridge- oh no. They were a mix between red, gray, and purple. How long has it been since we have made this simple fun treat? Thankfully there was another pack in the bottom of the freezer.

      They had fun making little pizzas together while Em was hunting with Daddy. I think the homemade ones were even better than the boxed ones. Today I mixed up the big pot of spaghetti sauce for my attempt at OAMC with a friend Monday. Heather was again my kitchen helper, and we accomplished a lot together. We prepared enough sauce to make a big pan of lasagna for us today, 11 cups of sauce packed up for Monday, two bowtie noodle/spaghetti sauce quick meals already in ziplocs in the freezer, and one small plastic container of sauce in the fridge for future pizzas. I will have help remembering to use it before it "expires!" Added to my list of things to do- look closely through everything in the refrigerator drawers.



  1. Isn't it great when the little things make them so happy? my guys love to help out in the kitchen. I'm glad you had a nice time.

    I’ve nominated your blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can pick your award up here:


  2. Catherine, Yes, the little things sometime mean so much. Thank you! I'm working on that post.


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