DNG review: Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders

     The day 1 lesson of Amanda Bennett's Winter Wonders Download-N-Go “What is Winter?” is an appropriate question for my children who have been experiencing our beautiful high temperatures this winter. With actual snow in the air last night it actually feels like winter here now. While we were doing this study, however, as pictures will show you it has seemed almost spring like. We did get a taste of the wind chill the day we made our ice paintings. The children and I enjoyed the videos of the snowy wonderlands of which we know so little. “When you hear winter what do you think of?” “Cocoa, icicles, and snow” were some of my children’s answers. We enjoyed a few mugs of cocoa during this study.

     Day 2 was titled “The Science Secrets of Winter” and included many science applications. Though my children have seen snow, they have never experienced a blizzard. They enjoyed the time elapsed video coverage of a blizzard. (Every day of the study included multiple video links. Some of our favorites were polar bears ice skating and another time elapsed video of making a snowman.) The kids all enjoyed the watery ice painting. I did not read ahead and they were eager to go ahead and try it so we did not have handles frozen into our ice cube paintbrushes.

Did you notice the rocks holding down the papers? Though it doesn’t seem like a winter wonderland at our house the kids were experiencing the wind chill factor they had just learned about.

     On day 3 “People and Places of Winter” discover a man nicknamed “Snowflake” and his awesome photographs. The place of interest is the North Pole.

     Day 4 “Time for Tips and Treasures of Winter” focused on nature, specifically animals and then… hot chocolate!

Yes, this is an old picture, but did I mention how much our family loves cocoa?


     On Day 5 the lesson wrapped up with “Goodies and Gadgets of Winter.”
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    From the website  "
No longer is the coldest season just a winter wonderland—use Winter Wonders and warm up to an educational exploration!

An acrostic, a booklet of frostbite signs, a great Iditarod flipbook, a wheel of winter animals, creative instructions for hot chocolate, bird feeders, winter fun, and more will all end up in a memorable lapbook by the end of the week.."
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Disclaimer: A copy of this DNG unit study was provided for my family to use for the purpose of this review.

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