Blizzard Bloghop introduction

     Though I'm not snowed in, I'm not able to be in Nashville right now for the Blissdom conference either, so I'm thankful that Ann Marie at Household 6 Diva is hosting this fun opportunity to meet more bloggers.

     A glimpse of our life is mostly a blog about our family of five. We home school but are not home all of the time. Today is one of those busy away from home days, so I'll start blog hopping with you this evening.

    On a glimpse of our life I share recipes, reviews, daily life, and an occasional give away. (Be sure to sign up; it is my best one yet IMO.)  I have shared before about what I believe. This post has a collection of some of my favorite pictures from last year.

     Thanks for hopping over, and I hope you will visit again.


  1. Hi Jennifer

    I am Krystel hopping on over from the Blizzard Blog hop as well as ArmyWife101.com

    It's cool coonecting to other military and non military spouses.
    Your blog seems interesting as I always was curious about homeschooling and how that is. I will be following along.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hey Jennifer - I'm a fellow home schooler with 5 kids. My oldest graduates this spring. Glad to meet you! :)

  3. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for becomming a new follower and stopping by to comment on my blog. In case you missed it on my side bar...I am hosting the 1st Homeschool Linky Party to show off our homeschool areas, rooms etc...no rules..prizes...fun...maybe you could stop back tomorrow or over the weekend to link up...thanks again!

    Drawing for LEGOS...prizes for Moms!
    Fun for all!

  4. blizzard bloghoppin'! can't wait to read more about you.

  5. I came by from the blizzard blog hop...I see you're reading the Bible in 90 days...me too:) I'm a little behind at the moment (still in 2 Samuel) but I'll catch up someday. I look forward to reading more as a new follower!

  6. Nice to meet a fellow homeschooler :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I wanted to let you know that MOPS has a new program called MOMSnext for mothers of gradeschool children. It is great to not have to be done!


    Athena aka "mama2six"

  7. I'm a new follower from the Blizzard Bloghop. I'm always in amazement at home schoolers. What a tough job you have! It's so nice to meet you!


  8. Hi Jennifer!

    Your blog sounds great! I love your header. I homeschool, too.


  9. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I always love meeting new bloggers. I can't wait to start reading yours :)

    Consider me your newest follower!

  10. New follower through the blizzard hop! http://sahmandusmcwife.blogspot.com


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