Did you take a step on your right foot to start your new year in the right direction? Or celebrate with black eyed peas and cabbage? Mamma and Daddy shared a new recipe with me and Joseph (my only child who will eat cabbage) for lunch- delicious cabbage rolls. Then we shared black eyed peas which had simmered in the crock pot all day with them for dinner.

     Tonight, since last night we had a heavy rain, Mitch did his annual New Year's fireworks. Mowmow and Powpow watched from across the pond through their dining room window. We enjoyed cocoa and marshmallows while warming half of our bodies at a time around the crackling fire pit. I enjoy the light display, especially the ones that seem to throw glitter across the sky, but as the lights dimmed each time the stars seemed a little bit brighter. We enjoyed a beautiful starry sky tonight, too.

     Do you make New Year's resolutions? I typically don't, because I don't like saying I will do something and then not doing it. But this year I have a few goals. If you want to pray for me to reach them I would appreciate it.

* Read the Bible in 90 days. This is a biggie. If you want to find out about the plan click the link in my sidebar. It averages out to about 12 chapters each day.

* Cut down on clutter. My plan for this is to tackle one cluttered area each week and get rid of things we don't need.

* Seriously work toward my goal of losing 100 pounds before I turn 40. This works out to 5 or 6 pounds each month which is attainable. I'm doing this by exercising more and eating less. I got back on Sparkpeople today to help me track this.

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