soft cookies

For the past six months I've been attempting to cook healthier including using freshly ground wheat flour when possible. Many of my typical recipes have flopped, but I found a new one that not only worked, but also became an instant favorite.

A posting on a friends Facebook wall intrigued me, and I googled Ricotta cookies (something I had never before heard of.)  This recipe for Italian ricotta cookies with an almond flavored glaze is the one I ended up trying, using 4c. freshly ground flour and following the recipe exactly, and it worked! The turned out just as pictured on that site; compare to my picture:

As I was unsure how my family would enjoy these cookies, and it made such a large batch, I changed it up after baking half of them. In my Google search I had also read about lemon ricotta cookies. I added lemon juice, lemon peel, and powdered lemon juice along with enough additional flour to make the dough less sticky.  I coated these with a mixture of powdered sugar and lemon juice powder.

While this falls under the category of successful and delicious recipes, I don't think there is any chance of classifying it as healthy. Sausage balls were a flop the last time I attempted them, with cheese soup as a main ingredient. These from For Such a Time as This were  a success and quite yummy!

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