free time

Home for the holidays, with less school and work scheduled, chores seem to get done quickly. We have had a lot of time for extra fun activities.

The day before Christmas, we finished making these crystal ornaments: The first ones turned out great. If you are wondering if making a second set in the same water will work, it does not.

Monday, Mitch was off work and home with the kids, and was happy to let me spend the day with Mamma. While we were gone, Heather worked on the curtains for Mitch's and my bedroom.

Today, we made chunky crayons from the boxes that were partially melted in the car:
If you try this, I don't recommend helping it along with a spoon or anything else. Melting the crayons a little longer worked better.


  1. Super cool~I just might remember this for next year~love it!! whoot~thanks soo much for sharing! ;-))

  2. I love those ornaments! Could you share detailed directions please?

  3. Chrissyanna, Yes. In the post, click on crystal ornaments and it will take you to the post I learned from. We put a little more Borax in the larger jars (she recommended 3-5T.) but the small jars still turned out a lot better with larger and more crystal formation. If you want to do it now instead of next Christmas, do different shapes and make suncatchers. The original instructions used hemp to tie them to the pencils. We used sewing thread, and crystals even formed on some of the thread.


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