easy crafts

It is always fun to do crafts with my kiddos. Some years we have made Christmas ornaments together; usually when we do that I plan ahead and get things started in November. This year I did find some simple ones. Though they won't be heirlooms, they were fun. You know the scratch off paper that has glitter paper underneath the designs/marks you make on it with a stylus? We found packs of scratch off ornaments like that at Hobby Lobby. Some were shaped like trees and stockings, others had words: faith, hope, joy. Joseph had fun scratching them off with a friend. I also purchased glass ball ornaments to make these cute hand print snowmen. I do still have that auditory memory of glass ball ornaments shattering on the floor when the girls were little, so I've not rushed to complete these.


  1. We love scratch off ornaments around here too.

  2. We love doing crafts too. I have a list of things printed off to still get done this season.


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