thankful for good health

    This morning we went to a wonderful play The Miracle Worker with our homeschool group. We have been studying about Helen Keller and this seemed a more accurate portrayal than the movie, though we haven't read her autobiography to compare.

     With her situation on my mind, it seems simple to say I am thankful for my vision and hearing, yet I am. We are so blessed with our abilities, yet sometimes find it easy to take them for granted.

     I am also thankful for our homeschool group.

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  1. I love the Miracle Worker story. I've always loved reading about Helen Keller too. Great homeschool trip to make.

  2. I can scarcely imagine not being able to see my children's faces, or hear their laughter.

  3. Oh, yes, as I read this book it brought to mind how thankful I am for so many things that come with vision and hearing.

    I'll have to check into that play.


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