2010 Gratitude challenge

     I am thankful for my Mamma's cooking. Today she came by after work and said she is making chicken sausage gumbo and we could all come over for dinner! I am looking forward to this. I'll put away the dinner I made in the crock pot for us to enjoy tomorrow. The kids all went home with her so I have had a quiet house for a little while. 
    Thanks for reading this month of gratitude. This is the last day to link up at Garden of Learning.


  1. My mother loves to cook. It's her way of saying "I love you". She's always trying to feed us. I hope you enjoyed the quiet, and the gumbo. Thanks for your part in this meme, it's been nice getting to know you!

  2. It's nice having a mama that knows how to cook and has special invites like that. What a blessing.


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