2010 Gratitude challenge

     I am thankful for islands. Over 15 years ago Mitch proposed on one. When I'm in the dentist office I close my eyes and pretend I'm on a tropical island. Yesterday we rode a little boat off the coast of Florida to what Joseph called "Your Island, Mamma." He said so; why should I argue with that? We ended up exploring that not so private island and made some new friends who had actually camped there overnight.  They took a picture of all 5 of us:

      I'm also thankful for new friends and friendly strangers.

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  1. Islands sound so good right now. It makes me think of warm weather & I could use some right now.

  2. Lisa, the weather here is like a dream. I will remember these days fondly on the cold winter days ahead.

  3. I'd like an island to go to. I'm really not cut out for the cold. It takes so much out of me. I'm glad you had such a lovely day, and are enjoying yourselves.

  4. Thanks! Everyone keeps telling us it is freezing at home. We will be back Sunday.

  5. LOVE that you did that yesterday! SOO COOL!


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