2010 Gratitude Challenge

     Today I am thankful for something simple. Alphabet noodles are always enjoyed by my kids, and today I had fun with them at lunch as we all read the letters we found in our spoons.

     Joseph has had a little cold with a cough and I made homemade chicken soup especially for him. He picked out the bag of noodles to put into the pot.

     Along with some old fashioned good for you healing food, we all enjoyed a lot of laughter with our meal.



  1. I hope he's feeling better now. I'm 44 and my mother still makes me chicken soup when I'm sick. =)

  2. That is wonderful! Between that and the homemade theives oil we just tried, but most of all prayer, he seems a lot better. Thanks!

  3. We use the theives oil! And we make either chicken soup or potato soup when someone isn't feeling well.

    I bought the little cheese crackers that look like Scrabble tiles this week. The kids have had so much fun with them.

    Hope your little one is completely over his cold and cough.



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