2010 Gratitude Challenge

"So here is the challenge:
For each day during the month of November, post about something you are thankful for. It can be anything at all. Just as long as you write a post that is filled with Gratitude and a Thankful heart. Post everyday. That means 30 posts. It can be something big or small. You can post a picture or not. It can be a wordless post. Just share something you are grateful for in your life."

     I am thankful for my husband. That he believes in God and prays with and for our family, that he enjoys spending time with me and the kids, that he built my dream home by my family, that I am secure in his love.

     I work about one day a week, on the day he is off. This week he got up extra early that day to make breakfast for us all to enjoy together. That same day I forgot something essential for work; he met me for lunch and brought it to me. We shared a fun family outing together Saturday, then I enjoyed his steady strength and common sense during a sad time.

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