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The following post includes promotional links for Sonlight’s Summer Reading Packages. 

Cue the music... “School’s out for summer.” We have tried year-round homeschooling in the past, but we all agree we are ready for a break. Instead of hours of dedicated study time, summer time means more time to do things that we all enjoy. We each make lists of things we would like to do each summer, and this year “beach vacation” which made several of our lists is happening! We’re packing already, and books are on all of our lists of things to take with us.

We received Sonlight’s High School Boys’ Summer Reading Package. These books don’t come with unit studies, timelines, maps, or study guides. They were selected just to encourage reading for enjoyment.

Sonlight offers packages for elementary school, middle school, and high school; each sections includes different packages for girls and boys.  

My son will be beginning ninth grade in the fall. When given the option to choose one of Sonlight’s Summer Reading Packages, I knew the one specifically designed for high school boys would be just right for him. What I didn’t expect was that my daughters and I would also find books in that package that we’d enjoy, but we all did. The cover of York is intriguing; my daughter said the description reminded her of Dr.Who.

York: The Shadow Ciper In this alternate history, the Morningstarr twins arrive in NYC in 1798 and set about creating their vision of skyscrapers, dazzling machines, and winding train lines. When they disappeared 57 years later, they left a puzzle for the people to solve. It remained unsolved. In contemporary Manhattan, the Bidermann siblings live in one of the last Morningstarr towers, about to be torn down for a real estate developer. The New York Times Book Review said it well: "The pleasures of this novel go far beyond the crackling, breathless plot and the satisfaction of watching the puzzle fall into place. The book is shot through with humor, both laugh-out-loud and subtle." Don't miss this visionary epic.  
Navigating Early Set in the years after WWII, after Jake's mother dies, he is uprooted from his Kansas home and sent to boarding school in Maine. Out-of-place, he and Early Auden (today probably called "autistic") go on a canoe quest. Unusual story, filled with gorgeous writing, surprise twists, and interwoven connections that tie together the best books. Lovely odyssey.
Guts and Glory the American Civil War Amazing, entertaining stories from the Civil War. The author tells astonishing stories from both sides, and gives rousing explanations of both individual triumphs and battles, and includes occasional zingers like the single sentence describing Ambrose Burnside, whose fiancee burst into tears at the altar and fled. Memorable, enjoyable, entertaining, and excellent!
The Mysterious Affair at Styles Meet Hercule Poirot, the Belgian refugee and retired detective in this, the first mystery story by the best-selling novelist of all time. When a woman dies of poison in a locked bedroom, Poirot must determine whodunit: the fortune-hunting new spouse, the aimless stepsons, her private doctor, her hired companion? When first published a century ago, one review said this was written as "the result of a bet about the possibility of writing a detective story in which the reader would not be able to spot the criminal. Every reader must admit that the bet was won."  Addictive and fun.

The camper has new tires and is almost completely ready for our beach trip. Each time we go camping, we revise our packing list as we try not to forget anything essential. Sunscreen—check, swimsuits—check, books—check. It is going to be a wonderful weekend! 

Disclosure: One of Sonlight’s Summer Reading Packages was provided for this promotion. All opinions shared are my own. No other compensation was provided. 
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  1. I definitely want to encourage my daughter to read more during the summer months. Sonlight's Summer Readers sound great. Thank you for the opportunity to win! -Tracey

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve found Library summer reading programs to be fun motivators year after year. These books will all be on my son’s books read list.

  2. These all look like such amazing books. I know that my teen is so excited to read the Civil War one.

  3. I love Sonlight's book lists! Will check these books out. I want to read them!

  4. I love Sonlight's book lists!
    Have a great trip!

  5. "They were selected just to encourage reading for enjoyment." My favorite kind. ��
    I can't wait to tell my boys about the books on this list. Summer reading is on!

  6. I may have to try this myself. Always trying to find something - I swear my oldest has a phobia of books - always trying for something that will engage him though. I love to read so having a kiddo that doesn't...Its got my goat. haha


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