Cooking Shish Kabobs

Cave Tools recently shared with me about their brand of BBQ and cooking products, and I'm excited to tell you all about their Kabob Skewer Rack which they generously shared for this review. I had big plans to marinate chicken and venison (separately) perfectly and then layer it with our favorite veggies for my husband to grill. But sometimes plans fall through. If you read my blog, you know my husband and kids visited his parents after my dad's deer stand ladder broke. Instead, I cooked a few meals for my parents and learned that my cooking style is no longer the same as theirs. I cook with garlic but learned that my dad doesn't like garlic on chicken among other things I lovingly prepared. Thankfully I found a few meals we all loved including the shish kabobs. 

After one of Daddy's surgeries, we stopped by a one of a kind grocery/deli/specialty store for lunch. They had pre-made shish kabobs ready to cook! My mom and I picked out four different varieties of beef and chicken kabobs. They looked fabulous, and it was perfect for breaking in my new Cave Tools Kabob set. 

Some foods just seem like they are for special occasions. Shish kabobs seem that way, a fancier presentation not done every day that makes the meal seem special. Take a look and tell me if you agree.

Even though we purchased the food ready to grill, I added more veggies. A friend shared some fresh summer squash which just happens to be my favorite vegetable, so I cut it and added it to the chicken. We had beef the next day, and since my dad said he especially enjoyed the onion, I added a whole onion when I cooked them. 

Since our grill guys weren't able to help us (my husband was traveling and my dad broke his ankle,) mom and I tried something new and baked the shish kabobs. I just set the stainless steel base over a roasting pan to catch any drips as they cooked. It worked perfectly! 

We made the chicken kabobs the first day and the beef kabobs the next day, and they all baked easily. The squash looks a little shriveled, but that didn't affect the taste. Yummy! 

One of my favorite features is that these are made of stainless steel. They were so easy to clean. The disk on each skewer helped to easily slide the food off after it was cooked. These kabob skewers hold a lot! We cooked three for each meal, but it made a lot more than the three of us could eat. Leftovers were chopped on salad and also added to jambalaya later that week. 


The set is as pictured above with 5 flat skewers with disks for pushing food off and the rack which perfectly supports and allows for rotation of the skewers. I shared my secret that I purchased these meals ready go cook and just added veggies, but this set also includes a free download of "The Grill Master's Essential Barbecue Recipe Book." 

Read more: http://cavetools.com/products/kabob-skewers-rack#ixzz3sALkiGtJ At the time of publishing this post, this set is on sale! 

Disclosure: A Kabob Skewer Rack set was provided by Cave Tools for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions are my own, and though a positive review was shared it was not required. 

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